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Système d’intuition Silva

The only thing standing between you and total intuitive living is the resistance within your mind.

Remove this resistance, and you enter a higher level of decision making. Silva calls it: intuitive living—the secret key to your success. Think about it! Behind any success story, there’s that lucky hunch or amazing coincidence. This “inner knowing” is the guiding force that will lead you through life without missing a step. You can avoid the agony of indecision, worry, and fear.


  1. Power of Thought – Develop the power of thought to influence reality and to access your internal intuitive voice and learn to trust the internal voice.

  2. Controlling your Mind – Make better decisions with confidence by understanding and controlling your mind.

  3. Creative Visualization – Master the ability to gain insight on your goals and challenges with creative visualization to identify the right goals.

  4. Problems and Blocks – Assess problems and identify blocks to create a more positive impact on your health and well-being.

  5. Learning Capacity – Dramatically enhance your learning capacity by freely channeling a limitless sea of information.

  6. Life’s Purpose – Learn to use your mind to identify the right goals and stay aligned with your life’s purpose.

  7. Manifestation – Manifest goals in harmony with your highest good, what you want, and eliminate what you don’t want.

  8. Intuition – Learn that “lucky coincidences” and “opportunities,” is intuition pushing you towards your goal. Your mind may already be adept at creating the thoughts and feelings of déjà vu.

  9. Effective Relaxation – Deal with stress effectively and experience total relaxation through alpha and theta level meditation.

Meet Your Instructor
Pat Arnould
Silva Method Louisiana - Pat Arnould

Pat has practiced the Silva techniques since 1979. She has many intriguing and exciting success stories. She loves sharing her positive way of thinking with others. As a Silva Instructor she is afforded the avenue to help others accomplish a better life; for Pat is “Better and Better, everyday in every way.”

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