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Dynamic Meditation Techniques That Enhances Intuition & Life.
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Frequently Asked Question

Any and every time a negative thought or belief comes to mind, simply say cancel-cancel and replace it with a positive thought or belief.

The process is simple:

  1. Recognize the negative thought.
  2. Cancel it out.
  3. Replace it with a positive thought

When your eyes are closed, your body is relaxed, your thought process is internal and active, you remain conscious of your experience, and the external environment goes somewhat unnoticed, you are functioning at Alpha.

A Silva Graduate is a person who has completed the entire Silva Basic Courses. The person receives a Silva identity card with his/her name a number the date, and the instructor’s signature. Your Silva I.D. card allows you to repeat the same course as many times as wanted, anywhere, for life. In some cases, there may be a minimum charge for the room rental. The course itself remains free. The I.D. card certifies you as a Silva Graduate and gives you the right to participate in higher courses such as ULTRA, GRADUATE, and SILVA MANIFESTING, which are only open to Silva graduates.

Any amount of meditation is better than no meditation; however, the more you practice, the greater the results. We recommend daily meditations.

Absolutely not. Meditation is a very natural activity for your body, brain, and mind. Every time you enter sleep by closing your eyes, relaxing your body, breathing deeply, and calming the mind, you are in a meditative state. In meditation, you learn to hold your brain frequency at higher Alpha frequencies, and you keep a conscious and active mind. Whereas in sleep, you lose awareness and your brain frequency gets very slow.